Shakeology. Nutrition simplified
Shakeology. Nutrition simplifiedShakeology. Nutrition simplifiedShakeology. Nutrition simplified
Shakeology. Nutrition simplified
Greg Fields - Personal trainer
Are you tired and frustrated with workouts that never seem to work out?

Do you have a loss sense of purpose and no energy to go out and do the things you want?  Well, I completely understand where you are coming from!  We can always buy a new house or a car but we only get one chance to take care of our bodies. 

After my college days were over I started working and like everyone else put the way I look and feel on the back burner.  I played college ball at a playing weight of 185lbs, and after my season, I kept the same eating habits I had in college.  I had ballooned up to 230lbs at 5’8”.  Then one day I decided that I needed a change so I bought a gym membership.  I tried to get the results by myself, by setting small goals that were obtainable.  I certainly had the drive to accomplish this but no road map on how to get there.  So I started researching training techniques and nutrition because I was getting nowhere fast.

I started to find a passion toward training, sharing my experience , and helping people with good advice.  Now I am currently certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine a top level cert in my field.  I have helped hundreds of people lose weight, change body composition, and improve strength and performance with my new revolutionary training program.

Over the last seven years I have seen the Billy Blanks, P90X and other top training regiments. I have combined my Optimum Performance Training Model with some of these philosophy’s and created H.I.T. Training ( High Intensity Training).  I can cut all of your boring traditional workouts in half the time with greater results.

After my college days I started off working until one day I decided I needed a change. So I went out and bought a gym membership. Finding a passion toward training, sharing my experiences and offering advise, I continued with my passion and am now certified in a top level cert in my field, "National Academy of Sports Medicine".

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Nate before and after
Greg Helped Nate Loose 10* Pounds in Two Weeks!
"I am very happy with the results that I have seen and look forward to continue this routine to make it a permanent lifestyle..."

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I want you to be on my team!
You ask how is this possible to workout less and eat more to lose weight.  Look at my results!

  • I have done every workout in this program and understand how explain everything that you will go through with this body transformation program.
  • I am now currently 185lbs and my body fat is 8%.
  • I look and feel the best I ever have in my life and want you to have the same life changing experience.

Are you ready to have your life changed?
Greg Fields - Personal trainer
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Greg Fields: Personal Trainer
Greg Fields
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